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Our Services

Rethink is a full service creative company. This means we have the ability to accomplish any and every creative, marketing, and advertising need you have. The benefit for our clients is a one stop shop instead of piecing together a string of companies and freelancers, you can make 1 phone call and have a team of creatives who are versed in your business, brand standards, and voice. 

Our Process

The process we implement is simple: Discuss, Define, Design, Develop, and Deliver. You know your business better than anyone else, so we want to learn from you what the problem is you’re facing, what your goals are, and how you think we can help you get there. Then we want to design the various elements you’ve asked for, and proceed to refine them through the development process. When we deliver the final product it must be something that evokes a response from the viewer.



Who We Are

We are a collective of creatives eager to help grow your brand through innovative design, effective marketing, strategic ad placement, and creative ideas.



David Valentine

Chief of Dreams

Mark Lauman

Chief of Sorcery